SMI Illuminates with Injection Molded Parts

Injection Molding Services

SMI has a long history of meeting the challenges of a variety of industries with our injection molded parts. Whether you need injection or compression molding, or extrusion of rubber, elastomer, or plastic parts, we can build solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Injection Molded Solution

SMI won a new customer who manufactures very large outdoor lighting fixtures. The customer’s design specified a heavy die cut gasket using a high performance silicone. While that process worked, it created a large amount of waste. SMI’s engineers were able to greatly improve the process by offering an injection molded part with all of the needed performance specifications while reducing cost by 60 percent and cutting out waste.

Our injected molded parts are just one of the many ways we help solve the manufacturing problems of our customers. How can SMI improve your business? Read more about our custom molding & extruding services and the wide variety of industries we support and connect with us to learn more.