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SMI and 3M: A Solid Partnership Focused on Delivering Custom Solutions for the Medical Industry.

Our Partnership with 3M

We are proud of the relationship we have built with 3M, working together to provide quality products and solutions to the healthcare industry. As an authorized 3M Preferred Converter, we have access to 3M’s cutting-edge adhesives, products, and support teams, which allows us to provide our customers with the best possible solutions made from the best materials.

Part of our specialization is applying 3M pressure sensitive and flexible adhesives to our custom developed prototypes and unique parts. We work with a variety of clients from start-ups and entrepreneurs to medical device manufacturers, solving problems and building custom solutions. Our 3M preferred status is a testament to our dedication to quality products, developed with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Because we work closely with our clients to develop the right products for their unique needs, we build relationships, and our clients turn into partners. Like 3M, our products exist all around you, serving as crucial support pieces to innovative products in a variety of industries. As new technology and solutions are constantly evolving and developing in the medical industry, we look forward to new partnerships and opportunities. We can’t wait to show you what SMI, partnered with 3M, can do for you.

Key Products

Key Applications

• Cosmetic Accessories• Custom gaskets, tapes, seals & precision die cuts
• Medical PSA/ foam/ laminations• Wearable components
• Precision die cut shapes• Diagnostics and micro fluidics
• Protective face shields• DNA Microarrays
• Dental components• Instruments
• Filtration components• Specialty lamination die cuts
• Medical packaging components• Skin contact adhesives
• Diagnostic test strip components• Filtration products
• Orthopedic pads and cushions• Medical packaging
• Lid seals
• Molded and extruded rubber
• Medical patches
• Liquid adhesives & sealants