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What is NVH?

Seal Methods: A Leader in NVH Improvement and Solutions

As a global leader in the fabrication of specialty automotive components, we at SMI understand the ongoing challenges associated with NVH reduction. Our specialists strive to minimize exposure to NVH to contribute to a quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride. We offer a range of cutting-edge solutions and products to address client concerns regarding NVH modification. Contact us and get the comprehensive support you need to improve NVH in your vehicle body systems.

What is NVH?

NVH stands for noise and vibration harshness. Noise is any unwanted sound heard inside or outside of a running vehicle, while vibration refers to uncomfortable movement felt by drivers and passengers. Harshness describes the subjective degree of discomfort associated with noise and vibration. To provide our customers with top-notch products and services, SMI works to address all sources of NVH generation.

The following factors are potential contributors to NVH:

  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Interaction with road surfaces
  • Airflow over the body of the vehicle

Vehicle manufacturers perform tests to measure both interior and exterior NVH. Interior NVH refers to the testing of noise and vibration experienced inside the cabin of a vehicle, which involves exposing a full vehicle or specific parts to vibrations at different frequencies. This helps fabricators isolate sources of sound and determine optimal shapes for parts and components. Exterior NVH concerns sound emanating from the vehicle that can be heard by people outside. Drive-by noise testing is performed to measure and modify exterior NVH.

Today’s drivers demand a smoother and quieter ride, and we can’t blame them. Because high NVH levels create discomfort for drivers and passengers, reducing NVH can greatly impact the saleability of a vehicle. Seal Methods Inc. strives to fabricate products that minimize NVH as much as possible. We aim to pinpoint and neutralize sources of unpleasant noise, vibration and shaking, covering all points of rider perception involving sound and sensation.

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) Applications

NVH reduction is an essential focus of every quality fabrication service. NVH levels have a significant impact on driver and passenger comfort and determines what impression consumers will leave with after a test drive. Consequently, NVH also affects the market value of that vehicle and whether it matches up to industry standards as a viable and competitive product. Additionally, as vibration causes premature wear and tear to automotive parts and systems, NVH can greatly improve vehicle durability. To ensure top vehicle performance and reliability, reputable manufacturers must step up to the plate with relentless innovation regarding NVH modification solutions.

SMI provides a wide variety of NVH fabricated products to help contribute to a quieter and more comfortable ride through unmatched acoustic performance in a wide variety of applications. Our vast selection of multi-material foam, rubber, and plastic components allows our customers and suppliers to achieve the most cost-effective methods for mitigating sound and vibration. We offer multiple NVH reduction materials, including die cut non-metallic components, thermoformed and compression molded products, fusion molded products comprising exterior mirror seals, cowl-to-hood seals, cowl-to-fender seals, and more. Our talented and knowledgeable sales engineers at all of our locations are ready to provide you with customized advice to suit your application in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. We’re here to find NVH reduction solutions that work for you.

Seal Methods Inc.

Seal Methods Inc. is an ISO/IATF 16949 registered company and industry leader committed to providing quality service that you can trust. Our products guarantee noticeable improvements in sound insulation and dampening when incorporated into the manufacture of automotive components.

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