The Market for Thermal Management Technologies

The thermal management technologies market is evolving rapidly, especially in industries such as medical, automotive, aviation, and renewable energy. It is expected that by 2024, the thermal management technologies market will be valued at $20 billion, a $10 billion increase from 10.12 billion in 2015.

Increasing adoption of renewable energy resources is the major factor driving the thermal energy storage market with the rapid industrialization across the world has increased the need for continuous power supply, which positively leads to the growth of the overall thermal energy market during the forecast period.

In the healthcare industry, medical therapy and research sector, the increasing usage of thermal management arrangements and frameworks for both larger and smaller devices is driving much of the demand.

Thermal management technology is used to maintain the temperature of a system. All electronic devices and circuitry require thermal management to improve reliability and minimize early failure. During a no energy exchange process, the temperature output equals the power input. A variety of thermal management materials are used in electronic applications to effectively dissipate heat. These materials help components conduct heat efficiently.

In the Automotive sector, electronics have had significant growth because of the rising complexity, value, and quantity of electronics in the passenger as well as the commercial heavy-duty vehicles. This rise has led to the development of advanced products that offer adequate heat dissipation, grounding, and shielding to the components, as well as the equipment.

The development of electric vehicles has driven the need for heat removal in electric motors. Heat dissipation is presumed to be a critical factor in the efficient vehicle development processes due to the stringent federal legislation for the reduction of air conditioning fuel over-consumption and efficient dissipation of waste heat.

The industry is highly fragmented but 3M is a significant player with significant market share. Seal Methods partners with 3M which provides thermal management solutions for dissipating, insulating and tolerating heat. From electrical components all the way to the extreme heat generated by jet propulsion systems, SMI can help you find the right thermal management solution for your application.

With many product solutions for a wide range of thermal management issues, SMI can work with you to find the right combination of technologies to help you meet your design objectives on military aircraft, vehicles, ships and more.

Seal Methods Inc. converts flexible materials and adhesive tape products for applications in the automotive, electronics, medical, industrial, construction, energy storage, and industrial markets. We partner with reliable raw material suppliers to fabricate die-cut shapes and parts used to improve the performance and efficiency of end products while reducing product costs. We work with all leading brands of insulating papers and laminates, adhesives, and liquid and gel sealants. We also convert high-performance conductive silicones, phase change materials, and thermal fabrics.

Our trained engineering staff takes into consideration every essential factor relevant to choosing the optimal combination of performance properties for your unique product requirements, including insulation and conductive properties, load and shielding effectiveness, environmental resistances, operating temperature range, compressibility, and durability. Our converted adhesive tapes and components offer an array of potential capabilities for thermal management.

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