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NVH Testing and Benchmarking

Noise and vibration harshness (NVH) is one of the most important features reflecting the quality perception of a vehicle. As one of the automotive industry’s most diversified full-service premier fabricators of gaskets, seals, tapes and precision die cuts, we at Seal Methods Inc. understand the importance placed on NVH reduction by our suppliers and customers.

NVH benchmarking, which compares the NVH level of a full vehicle or its various components to industry standards, is crucial in guaranteeing a successful outcome for any project involving vehicle manufacturing. The outcome of vehicle NVH testing must be carefully considered and modified in order to ensure that drivers and passengers alike will experience a ride that is as quiet and comfortable as possible, which in turn increases the market value of the vehicle. NVH targets for vehicles must be set clearly at the beginning of projects based on consumer perception of the vehicle brand. NVH testing and modification measures must be taken continually until target NVH levels have been achieved.

At Seal Methods Inc. we offer services and methods for NVH benchmarking, not only at the vehicle level but also for subsystems and components. Contact us by phone or email to learn more about what we can do for you and your business.

Area of Expertise

SMI has been serving clients and suppliers worldwide for over 40 years with our full manufacturing and quality assurance capabilities. Take advantage of our international expertise and extensive knowledge of automotive industry standards of excellence in the realm of NVH testing, benchmarking, and modification. These are some of the areas in which we excel:

  • NVH testing and benchmarking of custom applications
  • Noise source identification and noise reduction in vehicles, engines, and automotive components and compressors
  • Development of acoustic materials for various automotive applications, including experimental evaluation of acoustic properties, such as sound absorption, transmission loss, and more

Do you need service for an application that you don’t see here? We have experience in the fabrication and testing of all types of automotive industry components. We’ll work with you to make sure that your NVH needs are covered.

NVH Testing

Our partners conduct NVH testing that involves exposing a full vehicle, subsystem, or component to vibrations at different frequencies in order to determine ideal mode shapes and isolate buzzes, squeaks, and rattles (BSR). Test results are often entered into in a computer model for analysis. Full-vehicle NVH tests traditionally utilize 4-poster test systems and environmental chambers for simulation of real-world conditions in a lab. Component and subassembly NVH tests are usually performed on a shake table.

The following types of equipment are commonly used in NVH testing:

  • Analyzers: portable electronic instruments that measure and evaluate noise and vibration
  • Shakers and controllers: devices that produce signal analysis and management of vibrational noise
  • Noise dosimeters: noise level meters that evaluate exposure of a person to sound over time
  • Electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs): devices for noise production and reception using electromagnetic techniques.
  • Dynamometers: instruments that calculate force or power. For NHV testing, dynamometers mimic motors and other mechanical components to test NVH levels
  • Sound level meters: tools that evaluate degrees of noise pressure, used for calculation of sounds in noise pollution tests
  • Microphones: recording instruments used to test noise levels from different sources
  • Analysis software: computer programs that provide interface with real-world vehicles and components, and allow modification of outputs from recorded and testing instruments

SAE Standard in the United States is equivalent to ISO 362-1:2015 and calls for an engineering method for measuring the sounds emitted by road vehicles under normal traffic conditions. The specifications are intended to reproduce the level of noise created by the principal noise sources during normal driving. This method is meant to meet the requirements of simplicity as far as they are in line with the reproducibility of results under the operating conditions of the vehicle. Our team at Seal Methods Inc. is committed to meeting and exceeding these nationwide standards for NVH measurement and control. Our state-of-the-art testing systems and technology are designed to provide our suppliers and customers with the tools and methods necessary to produce impressive and reliable results.

NVH Benchmarking

Product benchmarking, in which business processes and performance metrics are compared to top industry standards, is an essential process, particularly in the automotive industry. Benchmarking helps auto manufacturers design products that match customer expectations at minimum cost by making use of the best technologies available. SMI is proud to provide customers and suppliers with cutting-edge services and methods for NVH benchmarking in all areas, including at the full-vehicle level and for subsystems and components. We’re here to help ensure that your product meets the highest expectations of quality and comfort.

Contact Seal Methods Inc. for All Your NVH Material Needs

We at Seal Methods Inc. strive to meet industry standards for top-quality products and services. As a holder of ISO/IATF 16949 (formerly QS 9000) registration, SMI guarantees unparalleled performance you can trust. If you’re looking for a reliable auto converter, contact us to hear about our NVH testing and benchmarking materials.