The Benefits of Using Mica in the Electric Vehicle Market

As the electric vehicle market grows, an increasing number of components and materials are required for vehicles.

Mica is one of those critical components because it is a cost-effective high temp insulating barrier for not only isolating battery packs and other critical battery components. Mica insulators are also an ideal fit for the automotive sector because it’s durable and flexible and can be quickly adapt to meet the industry’s ever-changing performance challenges.

However, in electric vehicles, Mica was found to be the answer to the battery question because it is resistance to heat. Mica is used to insulate the battery compartment and charging components, it has electrical insulator properties and is a good thermal conductor. This is necessary in order to improve the safety of the user and to ensure that vehicles meet vital safety requirements and standards.

Seal Methods has been at the leading edge of using Mica in our solutions for the electric vehicle customers. We’ve been instrumental in getting Mica approved as an automotive safety standard.

Our highly trained team understands your needs within the battery pack. We have been involved and worked very closely in the industry since 2003. We are excited about the potential uses for Mica and have multiple options to support delivery and fabrication for shielded flat parts, flexible reinforced and molded/formed parts.

Our product SMI 200 Mica is flexible, could fit into various shapes and particularly designed for high temperature resistance insulation of inter-cells thermal insulation in battery banks and systems for telecommunications, electric vehicles and other energy storage systems. SMI Mica Shield #200 & flexible is the rigid, mechanically strong composites which resist extreme temperatures while maintaining its thermal and electrical insulation properties.

SMI Mica Shield #200 -3D is particularly designed for flame-jet proof 3D insulation parts as well as thermal and electrical insulation within and around battery packs in electric vehicles and other energy storage systems. Catastrophic damage in case of failure or rupture of a battery cell can be contained, retarded or prevented. SMI Mica Shield #200 -3D is resisting most chemicals, oils and solvents and has low water absorption.

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