Kitting is redefining services to simplify your business complexity

Demand for your products can rise and fall at any moment and being prepared for such eventualities is what makes the difference between a successful business and one that flounders.

If you have stock sitting in your inventory or find yourself lacking the materials to keep up with customer needs it’s time you looked into private labeling, assembly, kitting, and packaging services.

Kitting is one of the most commonly used services in ecommerce fulfillment. Retailers, manufacturers, and online subscription services make use of kitting to increase their profits and minimize costs. Streamline kitting and assembly, and track everything from ordering to delivery is essential to keep and maintain and grow a business.

Kitting is one of the best inventory management techniques to save companies time and money. It also allows manufacturers to streamline their warehouse operations and lower costs.

Full kitting can benefit your supply chain from manufacturing to fulfillment. Benefits of kitting in manufacturing:

  • Shorten production times
  • Streamline supply chain management
  • Accurate demand and inventory forecasting
  • Efficient order fulfillment, including batch picking
  • Reduce manufacturing errors
  • Speed production
  • Find shortages of materials early in the process, rather than holding up the production line Increase worker efficiency through specialization

For Seal Methods Inc, we work with many different industries from automotive to medical. It’s critical to work with a team that collaborates with you to develop a kit that best serves your product specifications and end-user requirements.

For a healthcare business, medical devices require packing multiple components into one self-contained package, including labeling, tray packing and boxing with comprehensive verification inspection to ensure the highest level of quality, every time.  This is time consuming for your staff that can be prone to errors. 

If your business needs to shorten the marketing window to drive stronger sales, improve time-to-shelf and increase ROI, kitting is an economical choice to simplify your sales process. Today it is more difficult than ever for businesses to manage constantly changing supply chains. Even in the best of times inventory management can be piecemeal, with a single product requiring parts from a wide range of suppliers that may all have different pricing, shipping times, and terms for their contracts. This is especially true for small to midsize companies that don’t have the capital or resources to devote to managing and streamlining their supply chain.

Many businesses are wondering how they can ensure access to the parts they need to build better products, while also trying to eke out cost savings. Most large companies are not only able to purchase their parts in bulk, but they are also able to partner with suppliers to make sure that there is a reliable supply chain and that parts are shipped in groups that help them realize the greatest cost-savings.

If you’ve been considering the kitting and package service option, SMI offers technical support for customers who are developing new parts or seeking to improve existing components. Technical support includes optimization for manufacturing, tooling design, and prototyping of pre-production parts. For additional information about our private labeling, packaging, and assembly capabilities.

We work with:

  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Performance Aftermarket (Auto/ Motorcycle/ Marine/ Diesel)
  • Transportation

We employ the latest technology in packaging, and assembly capabilities to help our clients realize efficiency gains and significantly increase their product margins because we let you lower costs, bring improvements in labor, shipping, and storage. 

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