Trends in General Manufacturing

With fundamental shifts in the advanced manufacturing landscape, companies are developing innovative business models to keep up with changing demands and ongoing disruption. Digitization is forcing manufacturers to reinvent their supply chains to fully realize the benefits of a connected ecosystem and improve operational efficiency.

Seal Methods Inc.’s manufacturing team takes an enterprise approach to help seize the potential of trends to optimize productivity and set a clear road map for advanced manufacturing planning.

SMI has a long history that aligns with premier raw material manufacturers like 3m, Saint Gobain, Rogers, Gaska, Nitto Denko, Dupont, and more. We manufacture gaskets, seals, tapes, and precision die cuts for a wide array of industries. Using flatbed and rotary presses, we can cut any volume of foam, film, fabric, foil, rubber elastomer, plastic, hi-temp composite, and more.

Growing Demand for Precision Die-Cut Parts

The automotive industry accounts for the largest share of overall revenue due to the growing demand for precision die-cut parts from automakers across the globe. A significant rise in new product launches by leading players such as Tesla Motors Inc., BMW AG & Co., Volkswagen AG etc., has resulted in increasing demand from this sector over recent years. In addition, the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) among consumers has led many governments around the world including China’s central government plans on banning conventional internal combustion engine cars starting next year onwards while promoting EVs instead which will further boost up the demand for precision dies used in manufacturing EV batteries

General manufacturing is a growing industry with many opportunities. The global market for industrial gaskets, seals, and tapes is expected to grow at a rate of 4% per year until 2025. The precision die cuts market is also expected to grow at a rate of 3% per year until 2020 due to increased demand from customers who need their products cut precisely for their unique needs.

At Seal Methods Inc. we can fully optimize processes to meet specific applications. Our team has been providing precision die-cut products for over 40 years and can select the ideal process for a given part material, size, volume, and dimensional tolerance.

Our versatile manufacturing capabilities also include rotary conversion, slitting, sheeting, laminating, CNC knife cutting, and molding.

As an ISO/IATF 16949 registered manufacturer, our customers can be assured that their parts are held to stringent quality standards. In-house testing and inspection capabilities include a range of adhesion and material testing as well as dimensional inspection per all customer specifications.

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