Forecast for Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues continue to be a challenge that we are living with these days. Seal Methods Inc started planning our expansion in time to be able to deliver for our customers today. With our expanded three US facilities, we are manufacturing in multiple locations to meet Just In Time (JIT) programs.

Our new additional facilities make a difference on every level of our business today. “We are busy and the added facilities have offered us depth of manufacturing capability to better service our customers and adjust to the new peaks our customers are requesting,” states Darin Welter, President of Seal Methods.

As a California company since 1974, the additional manufacturing capabilities throughout the Southwest allows us the ability to serge with our customers to better support them now and as they grow. Last month we experienced our busiest month in the company’s 49-year history.  One of the biggest benefits our new three facilities offer is that we are close to our customers, allowing the maximum delivery flexibility.

From initiation to completion, our improved throughput time and effective strategies have optimized our manufacturing performance and efficiency to combat continued supply chain material headaches. We have positioned our business to achieve a better integrated supply chain by having repeatable services in multiple facilities.

“Raw materials and manufacturing efficiencies are the most important metrics in our business today,” states Joseph Evans, COO at Seal Methods Inc. With SMI’s three domestic facilities, we can keep our customers on track, keep up with deliveries and schedules and provide JIT options. We cannot change supply chain response times but we have prioritized monitoring and measuring improving on these metrics:

•              Improve existing workflow

•              Eliminate bottlenecks

•              Reduce equipment downtime

•              Reduce parts rejection rate

Through our ERP, we have visibilities to all facilities. We can track and understand our machinery downtimes. Our ERP implementation helps us analysis in making the right decisions and provide you the most amount of flexibility on delivery.

We are constantly looking at new manufacturing technology to evaluate whether it can offer the flexibility our customer demand. Click here to watch our video

“Our expansion and growth were the right course for our business,” stated Welter.  We have Increased productivity and efficiency which also leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which helps our business establish a solid customer base for the long haul and makes Seal Methods a better supply chain partner.

We recognized that our customer expectations were at an all-time high, especially when it comes to fulfillment speed, which means that each moving part of the supply chain must be thoroughly assessed and painstakingly monitored to best ensure that the product is being brought into the market with both speed and effectiveness in mind.  With our expansion we are confident that we can meet any deadline and requirement our customers have.

Our team of highly skilled professionals have focus on training and an increase awareness so we can look into the future to better achieve our goals.

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