Seal Methods Inc is a full-service fabricator of gaskets, seals, tapes and precision die cuts. We are one of the most diversified converters in the industry and offer a variety of manufacturing capabilities driven by our knowledgeable engineering and teams. This combination helps make us a leading solutions provider and custom materials converter in North America. With multiple facilities, our capabilities include custom converted parts manufactured with rotary and flat stamp die cutting, multi-layer laminations, water-jet and laser cutting, foam in place gasketing and so much more!

SMI specializes in using materials ranging from basic sponge or rubber to high performance elastomers, foams, films, plastics and pressure sensitive adhesives. We work closely with our clients to prototype and manufacture custom applications, whether you need a simple cushion or adhesive tape, or high-performance gaskets, seals, insulators or thermal barriers.

Our ability to create rubber, foam and plastic parts stretches beyond precision cutting of rolls or sheets. We can perform injection or compression molding as well as custom extrusions that are used in an array of industries.

Process Engineering

Our team can help design, implement and optimize on a large scale to turn raw materials into an end product. We offer quick-turn prototyping and manufacturing efficient design suggestions for cost optimization.

Rapid Prototyping

Our fast and agile tooling capability along with tool-less cutting, like laser and water-jet allow us to quickly turn prototypes for your fit and function testing. Our rapid prototyping for custom components is used in all industries and end-users.

Die Cutting, High Speed Rotary & Automated Flatbed

A core competency at SMI is our die cutting technology. We employ a variety of flatbed and rotary cutting machines that allow for endless tooling customization. We are able to cut and laminate foam, foil, film, rubber elastomer, plastic, hi-temp composite and more. We can also select the ideal process and precision tool for a given part material, size, volume and dimensional tolerance.

Our team has been providing die cut products since day one in our over 50-year history!

CNC Tool-less Cutting

Laser / Water-jet / Knife Cutting

SMI has several methods to cut parts that go beyond traditional die cutting. We have laser, water-jet and reciprocating knife cutting technologies. All of these methods cut without the need of a hard tool. These options are great for prototypes, low volume and tricky dimensional layouts and more.

Foam In Place

Our cutting-edge robotic solutions allow us to produce custom foam-in-place (FIP) gaskets and seals. Our newest technology allows for a CNC-operated head to dispense liquid urethane to a variety of substrates which will form a high-performance foam gasket. This method can be dispensed directly to our customer parts with incredible efficiency and almost zero waste.

Multi-layer laminations / Precision Diecutting

SMI produces many of our parts with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) on one or two sides or in a stack up of materials bonding them together. Our lamination process’ can offer full web width laminations utilizing heat for the improved bond as well as in line at one of our many rotary laminating and die cutting stations.

Slitting, Sheeting & Lamination Services

Our versatile manufacturing capabilities include roll to roll slitting, rewind slitting, sheeting and laminating. Our process’ allow us to produce custom foams, tapes, films and other flexible materials.

Molded & Extruded Profiles

Our Innovative technology can develop custom solutions for molded and extruded products for a variety of industries. Our products are all around you. We manufacture components for the OEM Automotive industry, High-Performance Aftermarket, Aerospace, Electronics, Energy, Industrial, Transportation, Medical, and countless others. SMI’s long history of engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing precision molded and extruded products allows us to identify the optimal materials and processes for each component. We offer a variety of materials, methods, and finishing.

Thermal Management

Keeping electronic devices cool is key to their longevity and overall performance. SMI offers a variety of thermally conductive materials that quickly pull heat away from the source. These products include interface pads and tapes, thermal gap pads, sil pads, thermally conductive adhesives and more. We custom fabricate finished parts to your design specs and our partnerships with leading raw material experts allow us to offer the widest variety of materials for your approval.

Custom Assembly, Kitting & Packing

In addition to fabricating parts, SMI can provide custo assemblies, kitting and specialty packaging to your requirements. From bulk packing or case quantity counts to full retail custom printed packaging, SMI can help.

Our custom kitting and assembly fulfillment services provide customers one of the best inventory management techniques that streamlines warehouse operations, lower costs and saves time. Our technical support includes optimization for manufacturing, tooling design, and prototyping of pre-production parts.

Shipping Logistics

Our multiple locations can help to maximize logistics efficiency. We can arrange for shipping or use the carrier of your choice. When requested, we can update our customers portals with Advanced-Shipment- Notification, while supporting Just-In-Time material supply to make sure they have uninterrupted material flow.

Our three domestic and two international facilities allows us to keep our customers on track with shipments and schedules.






With a total of 4 facilities in North America, SMI has grown to 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space to perform for you!
HQ/ Southern California, Northern California, San Marcos Texas, Querétaro Mexico and China.

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Seal Methods is one of the most diversified materials converters in the country with multiple facilities around the world. We’re growing and we’re looking for great talent. Whether you’re just launching your career or are an experienced professional, if you’d like to join a team where your innovative thinking, customer-centered attitude, and excitement about contributing are rewarded, we want to hear from you.