Construction Industry Trends to Watch

Home building and construction trends are constantly evolving as aesthetics change and new techniques, technology and products are developed. The biggest trend the home building industry has taken notice of is the growing concern for energy efficiency, sustainability and modularity. 

Energy efficiency is widely regarded as the top practice of home builders in improving green home performance. In fact, 96% of green home builders build their homes to be energy efficient. Most builders work with component manufactures to have prefab window door and walls arrive on the job site ready to install, that is where Seal Methods leads the way and has built market share working with component manufacturers.

The most important features builders and buyers want is more energy efficiency, like solar panels and lights and sustainable materials, like reclaimed and recycled wood.

In August 2022, the current administration signed a bill that will gives at least a 30% tax credit for installing solar panels. These building and design elements not only make a home more efficient and increases value, they impact the environment exponentially

The key to these component manufactures prefab building elements that make homes energy efficient is selecting the right that building products. Seal Methods designs products to protect, seal, insulate, and reduce sound and thermal transmission.

These materials are an ideal sealing solution for hundreds of construction applications, such as glass and windows, sill systems, exterior wall systems, and metal walls and roof panels, acoustical systems, roofing, solar panels and more.

Selecting the right seals and gaskets ensures the longevity of all building elements, like solar panels. Seal Methods provides sealing innovations to a range of segments within the building and construction industry around the country.

In the competitive construction and building industry, which makes up about 13% of global GDP, finding the right solutions that are tailored for building and constructions puts you ahead of the competition.

The construction industry, which took a hit during the pandemic, is having a big rebound with the BIM market growing at a CAGR of 14.5% over the next five years. North America is expected to be the market leader over this time period, capturing over 30% of the market.

Of course, the cost of building can impact the industry so finding economical options that are available for both residential and commercial applications is essential.  At SMI, we provide the highest quality product at a price that fits any builder’s budget.

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