A Full Range of In-House Capabilities for the Electronics Industry

Most high-end machinery manufacturers share a common theme: a vertically integrated business model. This is a massive difference between a trustworthy high-end contract manufacturer and a contract assembler that does complete builds. This is a huge advantage in fast-paced industries.

Great manufacturers don’t just operate by the seat of their pants. They have years of experience from which to learn and utilize their successes and failures to create new and improved systems. When looking at the landscape, it’s essential they have an extremely wide range of capabilities and process controls and then an even larger range of quality and delivery scores from their customers.

Few manufacturing facilities can focus on creating an exceptional customer experience without a full range of equipment, including automated, high-speed, flatbed, and rotary die-cutters and multilayer-capable laminators.

Seal Methods offers that to our customers because we have full-service and comprehensive production capabilities. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is available to assist you in selecting the material with the optimal blend of performance properties based on your product requirements. They consider every factor, including insulation and conductive properties, load and shielding effectiveness, environmental resistances, operating temperature range, compressibility, durability, and more – to identify the best material or combination of materials for your individual application.

We work with all leading brands of insulating papers and laminates, adhesives, liquid and gel sealants, as well as high-performance conductive silicones, phase change materials, and thermal fabrics. We make it easy to customize products that fit your needs and provide rapid testing and new iterations of prototypes to ensure the final product is exactly what you need.

We offer custom assembly and packaging to meet your end-to-end sourcing requirements.

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