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NVH Fabrication

What is NVH Fabrication?

NVH fabrication refers to the manufacture of noise-reducing components, also known in the automotive industry as NVH (Noise and Vibration Harshness) materials. Parts fabricated from NVH materials aim to inhibit and eliminate unwanted sources of noise and vibration in vehicles. NVH components and techniques are often employed outside of the automotive industry as well to reduce the effects of noise and vibration in other manufactured electronic products and machinery. Efforts to reduce NVH center mainly on absorption and insulation.

A variety of materials are used in the fabrication process of NVH parts. Rubber is an ideal resource for NVH fabrication due to its high density, which allows it to easily absorb sound and vibration. Its consistency also causes noise and vibration to evenly distribute across the material. Plastic and foam are also preferred materials used in NVH fabrication. Plastic is excellent at reducing NVH resulting from impacts and bumps, as well as sound transferred through structures and the air. Additionally, foam is cut to form components for NVH applications, such as roof headliners to dampen sound inside vehicle cabins. Foam sheet works well as a material purposed for NVH reduction, especially in cases of possible exposure to harsh conditions and chemicals.

Vehicle buyers’ priorities have rapidly evolved from fuel economy to ride luxury and comfort, making NVH fabrication an increasingly prevalent focus for vehicle manufacturers. As one of the most diversified fabricators in the United States, we at Seal Methods Inc., work hard to provide the widest possible selection of NVH materials to meet the demands of our customers and suppliers. Our locations are open daily and ready to meet your needs. Call or request a quote online today, and allow us to be your one-stop shop for concerns associated with custom NVH materials and parts fabrication.

Applications of NVH Fabrication

Seal Methods Inc. offers a wide range of custom materials designed to absorb unwanted noise and vibration. Our components are manufactured from tested NVH materials available for use across an array of applications to give our customers many options to choose from. We fabricate multi-material foam, rubber, and plastic components utilized in NVH reduction and acoustical management in order to provide solutions suitable across all applications. We also supply die cut non-metallic materials for use in air and water sealing, insulation, NVH performance, and BSR conditions, in addition to thermoformed and compression-molded products, including HVAC air ducts, door water shields, evaporator liners, console bin mats, fender insulators, and more. Additionally, we offer fusion-molded products comprising exterior mirror seals, cowl-to-hood seals, cowl-to-fender seals, and more.

With our extensive range of NVH-fabricated products at your disposal, our automotive sales experts are guaranteed to provide you with effective NVH-dampening solutions for use in any application. Our custom-made components are fabricated on site, meaning that our staff will ensure your job gets done per your specifications in the best possible way for you and your business. Contact us and let us show you the meaning of quality service.

Choose Seal Methods Inc. for Your NVH Material Fabrication

Seal Methods Inc. puts great effort into providing our suppliers and customers with flawless and reliable service. As one of the first fabricators in our industry to achieve ISO/IATF 16949 (formerly QS 9000) registration, you can rest assured that you’ll receive unmatched product quality and service you can trust. Call or email us for more information about our products and materials related to NVH fabrication. We’ll provide all the knowledge you need to fit your vehicle systems with targeted NVH-reduction solutions across all required applications.

Our technical sales team is here to meet all your automotive component needs. We are a full service premier fabricator of gaskets, tapes, seals and precision die cuts with over 40 years of experience serving customers in the automotive industry. We offer custom die cutting, slitting, CNC, converting, and molding services in addition to packaging solutions, and have formed partnerships with OEMs and raw material suppliers around the world.

In addition to serving the automotive industry, we also a wide rage of products used in construction, electronics, trucking and transportation, medical equipment manufacturing, and more.

Contact SMI today to find solutions that meet your needs.